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Thank you for placing an order to list your property with us. We appreciate your business.

If you chose the Bronze or Silver packages, then please email us the photos for your property per our photo guidelines as mentioned here.

If you chose the Gold package, please email us at a few days and times that work for you so we can schedule the photographer.

In most instances, your listing will be live on the MLS within 48 hours of our acceptance of a listing agreement and our receipt of all related listing documents, payment, and photographs of the property. Thereafter, it will appear on many other online real estate websites like Zillow, Trulia,, etc. (we do not control how long it will take for third-party sites to post the listing). We will email you a copy of the listing sheet once the listing goes live on the MLS to verify accuracy.

Changes: Unlimited listing edits such as adding/deleting photos, editing property description, pricing, and status included at no cost. Changes can only be done during “Active” listings. Email changes to Please mention property address and MLS listing # in all email correspondences. All changes are made within 48 hours. Changes may take some time to update on third-party websites. Any changes requested that are not in writing will be disregarded. Voicemail messages and/or phone conversations requesting changes will be disregarded.

Yard Sign Installation: We will order the installation (and removal) of a 6’ wooden signpost and 30”x18” metal sign in the front lawn of your property by a professional sign installation company within a few business days. (Installing a sign outside certain properties may not be possible including high-rise buildings due to restrictions by Homeowner Associations, Condo Associations, local ordinances, etc.). Unlike some of our competitors that provide a small, cheap corrugated lawn sign and charge for this – we do not charge for the sign, installation, and removal. Each sign is printed with our toll-free number and a unique 3-digit extension, all calls are automatically forwarded to you.

Lockbox: You have the option to either be present at all showings and allow the buyer’s broker to show the home or place a lockbox with the key in it. We can provide a standard combination lockbox (included in the Gold package) or a SentriLock [see details here] for an additional charge as mentioned on the Packages page.

Showings: All showings are scheduled using a service we utilize called ShowingTime – a professional scheduling service. You will receive all showing requests by email, text, and/or phone and will coordinate directly with the buyer or its agent for appointments.

Offers: We will receive and present all offers to you, assist you in communicating, negotiating, and presenting counteroffers; and answer all your questions. All this at no additional charge to you!

Cancellation: In the event you want to cancel your listing prior to the expiration of the Listing Agreement, you may do so with no early termination fee by giving written notice to us via email or fax. The upfront listing fee is not refundable or prorated. Please note – Once the listing documents have been submitted back to, we are unable to offer refunds.

The listing can only be canceled when there is no contract pending on the property. Once the request for termination is validated by us, such termination shall be effective within 48 hours.

To cancel the listing you MUST submit in writing by email or by using the Change Request Form sent to us by email ( or by fax (847) 563-4219.

The listing may still show for a period of time on third-party websites even though we canceled in on the MLS. We have no control over this since we do not own these third-party websites.

Questions: Please email us at

Let Us List Your Property & Sell It Fast!