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We Are Transforming Home Buying & Selling, a subsidiary of YBRS Realty Inc., is not an out-of-state, third-party referral company as many of our competitors are. Instead, we’re a locally-owned real estate company with an Illinois license and years of experience. We are willing to offer customers a valuable service at a cost our competitors will not match.

We broker the entire transaction on your behalf, provide interpretation and explanation of all offers, contracts, and other forms necessary to list and close the transaction.

Unlike traditional brokers, our licensed agents are incentivized to satisfy customers rather than to just close transactions in pursuit of a fast commission.

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Competition Is Evolving The Real Estate Industry

Competition provides consumers lower prices, better quality services, and greater choice. In the residential real estate industry, competition is vitally important because buying or selling a home is one of the most important financial transactions a consumer will ever undertake. Moreover, because real estate broker commissions are typically a percentage of the home sales price, the dollar amount charged by real estate brokers has increased significantly in recent years as home sales prices have escalated. And, because the amount home sellers pay their real estate broker is built into the home sales price, both home buyers and sellers bear this expense.

Just as the internet has made it easier for consumers to save money by directly purchasing plane tickets and stocks online, it is now making it feasible for home sellers and buyers to do more of the work themselves and pocket the savings.

When you work with us, we provide all the following services:

Accept delivery of and present to the client offers and counteroffers to buy or lease the client’s property.


Assist the client in developing, communicating, negotiating, and presenting offers, counteroffers, and notices that relate to the offers and counteroffers until a purchase agreement or lease is signed and all contingencies are satisfied or waived.


Answer the client’s questions relating to the offers, counteroffers, notices, and contingencies.

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Let Our Experienced Team Sell Your Property

Save time and money on your property sale by letting take care of your listing and transaction needs. We work for our clients’ satisfaction and best interests for a low, flat fee. By having our team list your real estate on your local multiple listing service (MLS), you get optimal exposure to buyers and agents looking for properties in your location. Customer service is our priority, and we work hard so you can sell your home quickly and for a better sale price.